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We Help IT Companies Scale Engineering Capacity

Businesses stand perched at the edge, ready to soar on the wings of the next technology breakthrough and overtake competition; Clients are more than ever Kings, demanding more value from their "subject" companies; Enterprise Data is almost royalty and software solutions are burdened with meeting with metrics described with such buzzwords as Scalability, Flexibility, Reusability, Modularity e.t.c

Business organizations are constantly looking for a way to deal with the explosion of data and systems complexity, satisfy the ever more stringent requirement for speed of service delivery, reduce administrative overhead and deliver information more effectively to its various publics, all while reducing cost.

Declining resources, increasing competition, aged and fragmented technologies and regulatory compliance requirements are some of the daunting challenges that IT departments and businesses in general have to deal with.

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Our promise is excellence in listening, proffering and Delivering solutions that we like to call SNAZZY.

Enabling the kind of transformation that will drive competitive advantage requires a fundamental shift to innovative IT processes. These new processes must be in themselves modular, manageable and enable real-time, adaptable, and agile management and information retrieval. This is what we represent at Dredge CLAN.

Using Industry-standard architectures and models, our solutions which are time- tested and locale acquiescent are built with the specificity of the Clients environment in mind. This is why all our solutions are constantly tailored and customized to a particular client's business environment, means and infrastructure base.

Though, we fully grasp the model theories of software development practices and rules, experience has shown us over time that strict adherence to these do not exactly fit into our local circumstance. This drives our belief in the consultation of industry experts who know the business and have navigated the local landscape; coupled with our business-development and fast customization strategies, this makes our solutions not just excellent but one-of-its-kind.

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